Click the correct button to purchase our Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our £5 Million policy is priced at £12.00 per month and our £10 Million policy is priced at £17.00 per month. You can also pay annually too with £5 Million at £144, and £10 Million at 204. We do not charge any interest for paying monthly.

By clicking the buttons you will be taken to a secure form to enter your bank details.

Before you proceed, you need to answer 'Yes' to the following questions to confirm your eligibility.

Are you a self employed individual working on a mobile basis, working from home, working from a rented premises or your own premises?

Is your estimated income less than £100,000 per year?

Do you hold a a valid and recognised professional qualifications[s] for the activities, treatments or therapies you offer and for which you are seeking cover for?

Do you require cover for one or more of the activities, treatments or therapies listed on the approved list?

Before proceeding, please click the button and read the entire list of eligibility questions.

Eligibility Questions

If you answered yes to the questions and you have read through the eligibility questions, select below if you would like to pay monthly or annually.

You can set your policy up online in 2 simple steps.
Step 1: Set up your Direct Debit
Step 2: Fill out your details to complete your membership purchase

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